Monday, September 25, 2006

I did not Listen

"No", my body said as I rolled out of bed. " You can't be serious" I said to my body. You need this recovery run today. My body said" but dear today is an official rest day why don't you get back under the covers" . "No, I can do this, I really need to"

Recovery run of 5miles completed or could I truly call a run that is barely less than my walking pace!!! A true run. Yes that is how I made it Through my run this morning. My body telling me "I told you so, do you think next time you might want to listen to me" me humble with a please forgive me attitude. "You're darn right I will listen to you the next time"

September 25, 2006
5 miles AM @12:05 average :)


robtherunner said...

At least you got the 5 miles in and learned something from it in the process. I have had a few runs like that as well when I did not listen to my body. I hope your body gives you better news tomorrow.

Phil said...

You ran back-to-back 5Ks this weekend (far beyond the capability of mere mortals) so I was very happy that you took it slow this morning. Your body will thank you tomorrow. Have a great week.

Dusty said...

I think you did fine - getting those legs moving to work through any soreness is good - and a brisk walk/super slow run can often do the trick. Better to listen to your body (especially on a recovery day) than push it into trouble.

Good job on your 5ks!

Feminist Runner said...

The fact that you ran at all today impresses me. Back to back 5Ks and then a recovery 5 miler and you're still alive to show for it! Now get some rest.

DawnB said...

Thanks guys of course I felt a lot better this morning. nice 8.2 miles @easy pace 10:24. Had a open house tonight, no time to get sweaty today. Went in business attire :(