Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tell Me When?

Will it ever really be my turn? I often wonder when will it really be my turn? I'm not feeling it and believe me I'm really trying. I need to have a clue. I will continue to be consistent, I will continue to push ahead, I'll continue to keep going when the doubt creeps in. I will continue when I'm reminded week after week I have a long way to go. I will continue when I see my goals being met by other people...... When will it really be my turn...I will continue with all it takes to accomplish, no one really needs to know my agenda because silently I'm getting closer, and closer....Its call patience and determination....With these two things my turn will come.....

August 13, 2006
15.03 miles


Phil said...

You ran 15 miles today and didn't make a single comment. I barely made it out to 16 today and wrote a full length novel. I love your approach to blogging, especially, your ability to incorporate what you're feeling with what you're doing.

As far as blogging is concerned, you're time is now. You're running is amazaing also.

Have a great week running (and writing)

susie said...

Hang in there, Dawn. You are right. You are one of the hardest working runners I know--you and Jack! And your times are amazing to me.