Saturday, August 12, 2006

My second attempt to post

I did the Westport 6.85 miles today. I'm ok with my time 1:00:44. But I'm totally upset that I did not even attempt going up the two huge hills in the race. Its just not like me to totally not try. I just did not have it in me.That's not true I just did not want to do it. I'm just going have to accept this one. I really don't like racing but I do it anyway because I'm just plain old addicted. Racing brings out the worst with me(alot of self doubt). I thought I was accepting my self for who I am, I have agreed many times to run my own race, run for myself and nobody else. Honestly I don't even get race jitters anymore. But sometimes ugly just push his head out there , Today I felt humbled. Like Rob said racing is stressful and take the fun out of the race and I say out of running.

I have my most enjoyable runs when no racing is involve. Last year was the first time I did this distance in this series and I believe I did it in 1:06:25. So in that sense I did well and am very proud of myself. I did indeed felt pretty good on this run today. But why the hell did I not try on those stupid hills it's just not like me. I will have to live with it though until next time ....

My schedule called for 8 so when I finally got home from the race I did another 5 miles. I know it put me over the 8 but I was feeling really good and the weather!!! what can I say but beautiful. I just could not help myself. Sunday is a long one of 15 miles.

August 12th 2006
6.85 miles (race)
5.02 (cool down)

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