Thursday, August 10, 2006

I did it

I lost my post so now I have to start again, no fun . I did another speed session this morning, call me crazy but it was on the schedule. I wasted a lot of time thinking about struggling over to the track or not. My schedule called for 3X1600 and to my surprise the session went well. I decided I had a perfect mile around my block starting at my house and ending at my house.

Just to test my theory I did a 10:20 mile warmup and my garmin confirmed what I already knew. I was shooting for 8:20's but instead did 8:30's, I'll take that any day compare to what I've been doing lately. If I had gone to the track I probably could have accomplished the 8:20's. But going around the block was more realistic to how I would run in a race. There were two nice elevation along the course thus adding the extra seconds to my splits. Now I'm wondering should I do all my speed work this way?

August 10, 2006
6.5 miles (warm up 3X1600 w/800 rec/cool down)

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Phil said...

Don't beat yourself up over 10 seconds. The goal is to run nice and steady near your race pace and work on your form. Sounds like you accomplished that and more. You might want to think about a slightly longer warmup however. It takes me at least 2 miles to get the blood moving (of course I'm a lot older). Nice run