Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I was up early

I was up early enough to see that it was still dark out at 5:15AM. I almost went looking for the reflective vest. Seem to me that Summer is ending way too soon. By the time I hit the door I didn't need the vest anymore because it was now 5:55!!!!

My 9 miles went well again this morning I just did the course the opposite way and this time my monster hill came at mile 7 :( . I dug deep and got it done. I've never really followed any plan before. All I ever did was run the miles. I am enjoying this plan and I'm sticking with it thru November this is when I finish my last marathon for the year. I also like the fact that I'm doing quite nicely incorporating my weekend races in the plan and I can't believe that I'm actually looking forward to a tempo run tomorrow 7 miles total 5 miles at 8:50 pace.

I got to track again tonight. Kelly's game was at 7:30pm. I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to enjoy this but I'm glad I'm able to now.

August 16, 2006
9.38 miles AM
5.79 Miles PM (5X400 1X800) did not do full work out

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Phil said...

Dawn .. what is your plan? Your putting in some serious mileage for sure! 3 straight days of 9 mile runs with a double today. Amazing.

I look forward to tempo runs also. They are a nice break from the slow easy mileage. Don't get me wrong, I like the slow miles also, but we need to get out and stretch our legs a couple times a week.

Good luck on the tempo run.