Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...

Took me 40 mins. To get out the door this morning. For the first time in about a week the air was dry and I felt a tad bit of humidity but for sure its nothing like what Phil in Phoenix or Susan in Texas is going thru. I was 7 miles into my run when the drizzle came and that made things feel even better. Guys I wish I could package up some of this weather and send some your way. I was really pleased with my run and felt strong the whole way. I tackle a huge hill at about mile two. Wish I had chosen my route with the three hills today I could have handle them. My run took me from Norwalk to Darien then back to Norwalk via West Norwalk. My schedule is sporting another nine miler tomorrow so I think I'll do the same route backwards.

I made it to XC tonight unexpectedly. I took it very easy the theme tonight was the women short cut. The men route was 2.6 and ours was 2.4. The first mile or so I ran with one of my Wednesday night track pals. She was pacing her teenage son. I just can't wait for the day when my son decides to run with me. I've been trying to coax him into running around the block with me. He keeps promising he will. I will keep asking until he does :) I won't push in I'll wait until he says "mom lets go":)

August 15, 2006

9.5miles AM

3.35 miles Pm (2.6 XC)


Phil said...

Back to back 9 mile days, very impressive. And thanks for the offer to send us cooler weather. Our time will come in 2 months when our lows are in the mid 60s and our blogging friends in the North East are breaking out the cold weather running gear .. but again, thanks for thinking of us.

Good luck getting your children to run with you. My youngest daughter (14) is a serious soccer player, has been since she was six. But she thinks I'm certifiable for running the distances I run each day. I've manage to get her to run in two 5ks, but she has no interest in doing more. For her, running isn't something that you do for fun, it is something you have to do to survive on the pitch. I sincerely hope you have better luck with your kids.

Enjoy your second 9 miler tomorrow.

Jank said...

The comment about the weather is the God's Honest Truth! The spell from May through the end of October is the absolute greatest.