Sunday, August 06, 2006

Glorious, Glorious Day in the NE

Today couldn't have been more perfect, what a wonderful day. Today was my ideal race day and I had nothing lined up. But I took advantage of today and did a long one of 15 miles felt great the whole time. Used a total of two water bottles. I was lucky in that someone was watering their lawn upon the completion of the first. I thanked him, a man in is sixties, then he went on to tell me that he see people running every single day in horrible humidity because they have it in their heads that they must run every day and this is not good for the body. But today is good, today is a good day to run all you want I agreed with him and thanked him again for the water and I continued with my run. Little did he know that I am one of those people.....
August 5th 2006
15. miles

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Yep. One of those people.