Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Not sure how I did it but I got in 8 miles this morning. I was really tired I did not sleep a wink last night or Monday night not sure why and believe me this was not because I wasn't tired.

Nice surprise I Went to the Weveny XC tonight. A real treat for me. Today the theme was slower runners go first. And we were to use our time from a 5k race. In the past I've put anywhere from 25-26 mins. But tonight I wrote 29:50 and started when the clock was at 31:00. I do feel like a cheat now, not that I was trying to I just knew I wanted to run very relax tonight.

If you ran a min.under what our tag stated you disqualified. So in the end I loose anyway. I did not put in a true effort because I really didn't have it in me. And I should have at least started at 29 mins. This is the first time I ran this race so relaxed and non of the faster runners hammered past me at the end like they would have if I had put 25-26mins and was determined to run it in that time.

P.S. The race director did try to stop us from starting too soon and I did run with someone the whole way so that was nice for a change. Biggest highlight to my evening I went shopping in my sweaty close after the race!!!

August 8, 2006
8.03 am miles
3.00 pm miles

August 7, 2006
5.06 miles

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