Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I'm being lazy again. I know I came back to work on July 5th, got lost on my run that morning. On Thursday its a blur but I did run. Friday I remembered a great run felt great. Went to the gym to do the weights and lost my mace that I've ran with for the last 4 years. No one turned it in. I know I clipped it onto my shorts on the first machine by the third machines I noticed it was missing back trace my steps and nada!!. Went to the sports shop the next day and found a cheap one but its just not the same. But it will have to do until I get a replacement one.

Saturday I did my first run in the Wesport Summer Series. This is my 4th year doing the series. Norwalk Summer Series take priority over Westports' though. Norwalk runs are every other week , Westport is every week. This was a 3.1 miles. Saturday was Hot and humid I completed it in 25:59.

Kelly won his first All Stars Tournament this weekend. After the race we spent the day at his games. The first game was at 10:00AM the second was 5:00PM in the town of New Haven about 45-50 mins from home. Then we had to return on Sunday for a 10:00AM game. Well it was all worth it because they are the 2006 Broncos Champions.

Monday I think I was just too lazy to post. Today Kelly started their second tournament. They did not do too well so now they are in the losers bracket. They have a game on Thursday my luck. I missed the Waveny XC series Team Relay today because of Kelly's game. But it turns out that we had a wicked storm and it was cancel and changed to Thursday. Now it turns out I am still going to miss it because of the game on Thursday. Just my luck. I hope I at least get to speed work on Wednesday. Haven't heard anything about practice yet.

July 11, 2006
10.38 miles

July 10, 2006
7.5 miles
30 mins circuit

July 9, 2006
13 miles

July 8, 2006
3.1 miles Race 25:59 2005-25:51 2004-25:14 2003- 25:32

July 7, 2006
6.7 miles
20 mins circuit

July 6th, 2006
5.0 miles
30 circuit

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Susan said...

Wow, what a great workout week. Pretty cool.