Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Time to come out of Hiding

I've been so lazy about blogging lately, not sure why, guess no urgent matter to discuss. Have been running steady but have not put in a really long one lately. I started the Norwalk Summer Series on Saturday with the 3 miler. This is my forth year doing the series. The next one will be the 5 miler. I was able to get in another XC in tonight we did about 2.5 miles, driving over to the park it was 85F at almost 7:00PM . I need to get the practice in I have the Fairfield Half on Sunday which is known for its high temperatures and humidity. I've also received an invitation to sign up for the 1st NYC Half, which will be August 27, I can't imagine what the temperature will be like then, but I want to be part of the first. They are limiting the entrants to only 10,000 and registration opens 6/21.

June 20, 2006
6.51 miles AM
3.25miles XC

June 19, 2006
5.11 miles AM
2.55 miles PM

June 18, 2006
Fathers day did not run
Pampered Hubby

June 17, 2006
3.06 miles Norwalk Summer Series 1st race
Time 25:15
1.18 miles

June 16, 2006
6.11 miles am

June 15, 2006
5.40 miles

June 14, 2006
6.50 miles AM
7.56 miles PM (warm up / Track work)


susie said...

Dawn, I thought of you as I drove down 95 toward NY on Saturday! Sorry we never touched base, but maybe in the future. Good luck on the Fairfield.

Jank said...

Welcome back, and best wishes for Fairfield!

I got the e-mail for the NYC half, but yeah - through the boroughs in late August? Man, that's the time to slather yourself with butter instead of sunscreen 'cause it'll be broiling!

before I sleep said...

A Half Marathon in plus 80 degrees? Rather you than I, good luck and lotion up...

bridget said...

Hey Dawn :) Thanks for checking in my blog - I need to update, but not running has me feeling a little down (by the way, the ITB exercises you recommended have been helping a ton - I plan to get back out there soon!).

Your running is so impressive - are you planning a few summer races?

Happy Running!!

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Ya know sometimes a break is required. I took one too, not planned just didn't feel like touching the pc after work. I'm feeling very unmotivated lately. I need to find my MoJo....lol.