Sunday, June 25, 2006

Fairfield Half

The Fairfield Half
I got out there and did it. I finished not much better than last year. Conditions seemed a tad bit better than last year but it really wasn't. I really wanted to give up but I stuck with it till the end. My only goal today was to stay below two hours but I blew it by going out too fast and dieing on the hills the same hills I've ran since 2003 the same hills I tend to forget about until I'm in the race again. I believe I netted, according to my Garmin 2:05:56. Past results:
2003- 1:55:18/ 2004- 1:57: 17/ 2005- 2:07:41
Anyone completing the race today put in some tremendous efforts. Humidity, I believe to be at least 90 percent. This is not an easy course.
Read more about the history of The Fairfield half here .

PS: Kelly's team ended the season with 15-0-1 on Friday. Playoffs start Monday. Elliott's spring football blue/red game went well. He was in the game 95% of the time which is good. He was on the blue time and they won!!!

June 25, 2006
13.1 miles race (Flfd half)

June 24, 2006
7.5 miles
2X15 circuit 10 machines

June 23, 2006
5.2 miles

June 22, 2006
6.8 miles

June 21, 2006
5.2 miles AM
miss track work-took son to game

This week was a tough one. I was tired on must of my runs. Felt like a ton of bricks. I should have rested at least one day this week.


Liam said...

Congrats for hanging in there on a tough course, you stayed till the end, that shows your determination.

susie said...

Yes, good for you, Dawn. The humidity can be a killer....way to stick it out.