Thursday, June 29, 2006

May not be life Changing But

I am a runner: Jank had an interesting discussion on his blog yesterday this is my comment:

completing a marathon may not be life changing to most. I would call it empowerment. For the various distances I run I feel the most fulfill after running a marathon. I believe this comes from feeling I can never accomplish much in shorter distances. I put in a lot of miles which really do not reflect in my race times. I know many say Quality is better than quantity. Buy I have never thought of running any less. I just love running and I know what I am capable of. I know if someone ask me to do a marathon next week I can. Just knowing this makes me powerful. Running is mind, body, and soul to me I feel it deep within. I would rather tell someone that I ran 4:30 marathon (which by the way is above average according to an article I read on Cool Running) than 25 min 5K that would never place me even third in my age group. Yes the competiveness have past on that level. I am looking to make the transition from marathoner to Ultras. Would you believe before I did my first marathon in October 03. I'd never thought it was possible now that I have completed my 13th marathon as of May of 06, I know I will never win a marathon but do this make me want to do them any less, no, I want to do more many more. Not to please anyone else but myself, for me and me only. I get goose bump when I think about 30, 50, 100 miles . I may think its impossible but I know when I complete my first I will want to accomplish more and more. I may not be the fastest runner in the world, but I am a Runner. Gosh I hope I did not get off the subject too much :)

Just want to have something to look back on when I thought Ultras was impossible :


susie said...

You are a running machine, Dawn. I have no doubt you could do an ultra...

before I sleep said...

My God, so many miles. All running is quality running if you enjoy it, no one should really enjoy speedwork. Then again an ultra doesn't sound like a party either, just run....and enjoy,marathon,ultra or Forest Gump style.