Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I am Mad

Call me the mad woman from hell as I don't know what I'm trying to accomplish. On Monday morning instead of resting I got out there and put in about 6 miles. Then I went to the gym mid day and did at least 40mins of circuit weight training. Then that evening I came home and did 5 miles. Tuesday I got up and did about 6.5 miles. School is officially close for the summer so I went to the gym after my run and did 20 mins of circuit. Kelly had a playoff game that
night that forfeited because the other team did not have enough players, so what do you think I did. I went to the XC 3 mile predicted time race. At first I was planning of predicting 30 mins based on how I was feeling. I could barely move. Someone thought I should predict 27:50, When I got to the park I added 1 min to make it 28:50. If you were 10 secs within your predicted time you got a tea shirt. I came in at 28:09 bummer!! Today it was raining and I went to the gym I climb the stair master for 20 mins then I did 2+miles on the treadmill and then I did more circuit training. Tonight God help me I went to Track work out. I was exhausted. I only did 1.75 warm up 11X400 with a quarter rest between miles. I'm going to bed now there is nothing else I could possible force myself to do tonight.

June 28, 2006
20 mins level 9 Stairmaster
2.7 miles on treadmill
25 mins circuit 10 machines
6.8 miles (warm up/11X400/cool down)

June 27, 2006
6.5 miles run AM
20 mins circuit
3 miles XC predict time PM

June 26, 2006
6 miles AM
40 mins circuit midday
5. miles PM

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