Saturday, July 01, 2006

No Racing Gods today

The racing Gods must have had better things to do today because they sure weren't with me. I got to the race(Norwalk 5 Miler) in just enough time to pin my # on and go to the start line. For some strange reason I decided to where my mp3 player another bad sign. The race started the GPS was not recording distance but my timer was working fine and of course I forgot to reset at each mile marker. I'm pretty sure my first two miles were under 8 mins I looked at my watch at mile two and I was at about 15:50 so I was doing just under 8 mins. I think what got me was mile 3 & 4 the two with the most hills.

Anyway I got to the first table to get water, picked up 3 cups no water. They weren't filling the cups fast enough so I had to bypass water. Another sign no racing Gods in sight.

I almost forgot this one. The man directing traffic and the car at the stop sign. I thought I was out of my mind when I saw the man waving me to slow down to let this car through that was waiting at a stop sign. What do you think I did? Another sign the racing Gods decided to rest today!!

Then two ladies pass me one in my age group the other in the age group of 50-59. I see the lady in the 50-59 age group ran over to the side and grab a bottle she had hidden in the bush. That really got me going. I later learned that the water was given to the woman in my age group(because I heard her thanking the other woman) how sweet of her to share. Another sign the Gods were not there for me.

I did get water at the second stop I thanked the real God with little kisses to the cup. My last mile I finished in 7:53 so that was nice. I'm being too bitchy so I'm going to stop this now.

After the race I congratulate quite a few(even those tow ladies, I'm glad I'm just racing against myself these days) . Sat around a little. I strarted to feel good and kept thinking I really should run some more. I finally did. It's amazing how much better I felt doing the course a second time without the stress of racing and I ran the whole thing with no longing for water. of course it was much slower than during race but it was relaxing and I felt good.

I went to the gym. Did the bike for about 20 mins. and walked and talk to a friend on the treadmill for another 15 mins then I did all the machine in the circuit. I started backwards with the upper body I was planning on just doing upper because I felt my legs needed rest. But when I finish upper I continued.

Then I went home to my family. :)

Norwalk Summer Series 5 miles Past results:
2003-41:54/ 2004- 43:45/ 2005 - 44:26 / 2006 - 43:50

July 1st 2006
5 miles race
5 miles cool down
35 mins bike/treadmill
15 machines circuit 15X3

June 30, 2006
6 miles
30 mins circuit

June 29, 2006
4 miles walked the last was
very tired

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