Tuesday, May 09, 2006

What would you say?

The day before a race you are out doing your leisurely jog just to relax, or the day after a race you are doing your leisurely recovery run to loosen up, or, you are on your 19th mile of your 20 mile LSD and someone drives by and say "run faster"!! They have no clue. I want to yell back and why don't you come and join me for a half an hour or so, but no, I stick to my plan and just smile and wave.

When ever I'm driving I would never comment another runner because of the pace they are running , because I know better. I also know that there are people who call my fast pace their recovery pace :) I must say when I do see someone running at a very brisk pace, I wish to myself that I could run like that. But enough of this I'm sure no one else has experienced this.

I had a nice run this morning felt much better than Monday. I was even thinking of putting in a few more tonight. I quickly change my mind because I got home late and it is raining right now. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise.

May 9, 2006
5.5 miles

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Liam said...

Sounds like you have your own running down to a tee.

I usually find that it is kids that shout to me to run faster, I tell them to join me, and run along with me, as I only have another 18 miles to go, that often shuts them up!

Maybe it's a gut thing, or I'm just plain ugly, but I rarely get shouted out by girls driving past these days :(.... Woe is me!