Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wow !!

what a day!! I did a nice easy 4 miler this morning. No sign what-so-ever that I ran a marathon. I did not want to over do it because of my track work tonight. Did manage to make it there without incident. I knew I had to get it done pretty quickly as Kelly have a game tonight but his dad was off tonight and he took him, I arrived at the game about 40 mins after they had started. They won 5-0 and I did see him do some outstanding plays.

Track went well and I felt good. I warmed up with the group for about 3 miles averaging about 9 min pace. I don't know how it happen but my second mile clocked at 7:42. Our speed work tonight, 12X400 with only 100 rest . I was pretty strong tonight and I could have very well finish the work out but I use the fact that I ran the marathon on Sunday and I only did 8X400. What I really wanted to do was get to my son's game at a reasonable time.

I'm feeling really good right now , because tonight at the track I average about 7:10 to a 7:28 pace 1:51-1:56 per 400 . What do this mean? Could it be that I am coming out of my cocoon like state of the last year. I will say it again patience, persistence, and consistency pays off :) Lets hope this continues. :)

May 10, 2006

10.5 miles /am/pm/track


Liam said...

You are flying :) - I must get down to some track work, or at the very least speed work, when I recover from the marathon season. You have recovered so quickly from your race, you must be doing something right - I want the recipe :)

before I sleep said...

Sounds like you are well out of your cocoon like status, I'm jealous of course. Keep up the good work.