Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Missing my Boy

Missing my little guy Kelly. I could not sleep last night. This is his first time ever away from home without his parents. He have never even had a sleep over. But first thing Monday morning I Loaded him on a bus off to Nature's Classroom for the whole week. My Older son, Elliott missed this trip because he was in the 7th grade when September 11th happened, so he never got to experienced Nature's Classroom. What will happen to me when he goes off to college next year?. Look at how much I'm missing and worrying about Kelly. I guess it will just kill me when Elliott goes off to college. My son's, My heart.


Anonymous said...

I so know what you mean. When I dropped off my older son, I knew my life had changed as I knew it. The one good thing is that--it's ok. The adult relationship with children is a very cool thing!

before I sleep said...

One of my sons recently moved out to live with his girlfriend.I was overjoyed, my wife not so.

First time away from home is always a biggie though...for parent and child...