Sunday, April 30, 2006

28th Annual Minuteman 10K

This was the first year they added the 10K. I was delighted as I really wanted to use this race to get a feel of what my marathon pace would feel like. What a beautiful day for running. Base on my goal today I did great . Not my best 10k but I was happy I was able to maintain my marathon pace and truly feel good that things are looking up for me for a BQ in the near future :). Here is what my Garmin said:

1-8:06 too fast marathon pace 8:46
2-8:43 right on target
3-8:45 right on target
4-8:50 still on target
5-9:28 off track but still at 43:50 Marathon 5 target time
6-8.42 right on target marathon 6 mile 52:38 garmin time 52:37
.24 2:00 I did not kick like I should have but I was not trying to do that today: final time 54: 38 right on target for marathon pace goal. BQ you are reachable!!! I feel very strong. The nice thing about today's race I was able to get to church after the race. I am truly blessed.

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susie said...

Yes you are:)
Congratulations on a great pace, too, Dawn.