Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Holding Up Pretty Well

Today I overnight a post card to Kelly to let him know we all miss him and is thinking about him. Its pretty late and I really should be in bed. I have been running pretty regularly this week just have not had time to back track on the Garmin. I worked out with my group today at the track. I felt great. Did our usual warm up and 4X800 the 4X400 with a quarter recovery between each set. I also did nice easy run in the morning. Well that's all for tonight. My bed is calling out my name.
I will up date my millage on the week end.


Bridget said...

Hey Dawn :) I think you have that BQ in your back pocket - it is soooo worth it to work hard and run that race.

Your sons sound wonderful. I do not have any children, but I have a niece who I totally adore. I will definitely be crying the day that she leaves for college ;)

Liam said...

April 21st 2008 - My day for Boston or Bust - We should start a Self-Help Group for that date :)

You are half way there already - you are going great.

Believe me, with my eldest at University, it's a lot quieter around the house (but I do miss him at times, and naturally worry like heck!) - Hey, only another 20 years of worrying!