Sunday, May 07, 2006

A Glorious week of Running :)

Just a girl running, Racing and having lots of fun. I have not updated my blog much with my miles,so today I'm taking the time to do so.The weather this pass week have truly been a God send and I embraced it with open arms, body and soul. Now let me have the Garmin tell this story:

4/24 rested Day after Leathersman Loop 10K

4/25 6:3 miles, 4/26-6.23 miles,4/27 -5.44 miles,4/28- 4:42 miles

4/29- 5K +1.25, 4/30-10K+1.75, 5/1- 9:01 miles, 5/2- 3:0 miles

5/3 - 12:54 miles Included speed w's/am run

5/4 - 3:01 miles, 5/5- 5:08 miles, 5/6- Rested

5/7 - 26.2 miles LI marathon Training





official posted time 4:28:08 net time 4:25:56

I know its a bad thing to do run a race for a training run but this is something I just needed for myself. Of course looking at my splits this could have been any one of my other marathon I've run. This was a last minute decision to get along run in. The race was only an hour away and for once I got to run a long one with people, I listened, and follow my gut instinct. My first marathon and Long run without the MP3 player. I even talked to a few folks. I can't believe how for I've come.


Bridget said...

Yay! It is such a huge step to relinquish the MP3 player and go with a more natural flow :) The marathon is so hard - I think the more we run, even for practice, the better.

I hope your recovery is speedy!

Liam said...

Running races as training runs has always been part of my plans over the years. One, they are the right distance, so you can judge where you are at, fitness wise, and two, the camaradie of running with others takes away the boredom of a long run.

Hardest thing I have found is trying not to race the "Training Race".

susie said...

Just decide to run a marathon??? With those great times, you should run them all the time:) Glad it was such fun, too!!