Sunday, April 02, 2006

Greater Danbury Half

I did this race against my better judgment. I knew how challenging the course would be but I did it anyway. My day did not start well, I woke too early yes, even with the clock springing forward. Then I could not decide how to dress. I was all set to go in my little black shorts, but when I hit the door, the wind turned me around so I change into tights. Parking was great. I registered at the race which went well. I then went back to my car at least twice trying to decide should I where my gloves or not. I've never had such difficulties deciding how to dress for a race. Two miles into the race I had to take my shirt off. This was an ordeal in itself. My mp3 player got tangled, I could not get the sleeve over the garmin. When I finally got the shirt off I could not get my garmin back in place. I had to adjust the strap. I am pretty darn sure this whole process took at least 3 mins. Finally I got going again. I had to do a little bit of catching up. It was kinda different, me passing people, the ones that passed me while I was struggling with the shirt. But I never did caught up with the people I was with. My goal for this race; to come in just below two hours like maybe a 1:59 but no luck this year. I'm pretty sure my time was better than last years by just a little, so I proud of that.

Excuses I thought of using today: I ran a marathon last week, I should have rested on Saturday instead of running 6.2 miles, I should have went to bed before 1:00am, I should have stayed in bed this morning and force myself to sleep longer, I should have kept my original dress attire I'd chosen. And lastly why the hell wasn't I more focus.

Life goes one and I choose not to use any of the above excuses, not this time :)
April 2, 2006
13.1 miles (Danbury 1/2)

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susie said...

Sounds like it was a strange race for you, but good attitude. I should learn to shake if off, too. There's always another, right?