Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Just a Girl Running

Not much to update. I'm just a girl running, having fun and taking it easy. Monday I rested, Tuesday, thought it was a gym day but when I hit the door I changed my mind and did about 5miles. Today I made it to the track. We could not use the track because there was a track meet going on, so we did two loops of the trail. I tell you I really need to find someone I can run with. It just felt great running with the group and I was actually participating in conversation and have fun.

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I went for a run last night with a group. It really was really good. They ran much faster than I would, they just didn't slow down on the hills either. It was very hard for me the whole way, but it was great to have a group to push me! If I was running it myself I would have just dropped into a comfortable speed