Saturday, April 01, 2006

First Day In Shorts

I wore my little purple shorts today. Went out for a short jolt and it was 50 degrees. It felt wonderful not being in leggings. I was a little nervous about my legs not being shaved. Then I remembered I did run the razor over it ever so lightly on Friday. People I believe spring has sprung. Remember to spring forward with the clocks this weekend.

I took Elliott to his SAT test site this morning after my run. I couldn't think straight the whole time he was testing. Lets hope for the best. We'll know in about two weeks.

I'm also thinking about running the Danbury half on Sunday. This is the only race I've ever remembered what the course is like before getting on it. This is a new race. This course is tough, way too hilly for 1/2 marathon. I believe I'll have my mind made up by morning. This is why I took it easy this morning.

April. 01, 2006
6.7 miles

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Love the shorts!