Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Chose the Marathon (MORE) in Central Park

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Read all about returning champ Susan Loken. She is an amazing woman and ran a great race.

I on the other hand, completed the marathon and was all over the map when it came to my pace. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. By the way my garmin measured 27.55miles.
1-7.12 (whoa were did this come from)
2-10.25(I knew it was too good to be true)
3-9.37 (more like it)
4-8.22 (ok)
7-10.24 :(
8- 10.01 :(
9-12:05 :(
11-8.44 :) two in a row
20-8.22 Whoa must have been the GU
21-8.35 Two in a row
22-12:01 :(
27-10.44 (this was .80 miles) 4 hours 28 mins 2006 overall 77/176
Past results 2006 4:28 (71/176) 2005 4:40(115/255) 2004 5:01(192/359)
My pace was all over the place today I was not consistent. I need to achieve a consistency at 8:49 pace to BQ.

The course is 5 times around Central Park. The race is sponsored by More magazine. And the
race is for women 40 and older.

I felt good through the race. I drank at each water stop. Had two GU one at 10 miles and again at 20.

Today was cold and damp. We did not get the snow. The race overall was good. There were at least 3500 half marathoners and a whole lot of walkers. It was difficult running around them. I believe this may have accounted for the extra distance.

I ran a marathon today I feel good and this is my 11th marathon on the books.

March 26 2006
27.5 miles ( More Marathon 26.2)

March 24 2006
5 miles


susie said...

You just sneak these up on us, don't you Dawn?! Way to go!! I've always thought this would be a fun race to run--all those women. Glad you had such a good one. Amazing same pace as last year. Good for you.

Liam said...

Sounds like fun to me too - All those women :)