Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Turned off the Pace Alert

Today's run was to be slower than my training pace. So I started out just like that, slow and easy. Yes, I'm doing the Boston Buildup 15K on Sunday, but again I just could not let a beautiful day go by and not run. For the next two miles the constant beep from my GPS to speed up drove me crazy. So I stop and turn off the pace alert. I'm so use to picking up the pace when ever I hear the beep would have changed the type of running I wanted today. I just wanted to be out and about and soak in all the wonderful things around me.

Once I turned it off I was on track with what I wanted. There were times I went faster than I wanted to because of a approaching runner, natural instincts, I guess. I've noticed this to be consistent with me. That is why I totally believe that there is no need to run your race pace during a training run. I would like to run a faster training pace but I do not want to run my race pace every time I go out for a run. If I'd kept my pace alert on today I would have been totally exhausted for my race on Sunday. I'm not saying the urge wasn't there but I had to stay focus. I had a great semi long run.

Tonight I made Shrimp Scampi over linguini for dinner, but no wine went with it :( . I enjoy a nice glass of wine with pasta every now and then but I know what would have happen come race day. I going to get to bed no later than 10:30pm tonight.

January 21, 2006
13.75 miles (very, very, easy)

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I want a watch that can do that!