Friday, January 20, 2006

I need a vacation

What a wonderful day today was and I sat at my desk all day:(. I went out to lunch only to buy a sandwich and back to my desk:(. I hope to come up with a plan soon to take a well deserved break.

My knee did not bother me much this morning on my run. I felt good and ran with ease. When I went out this morning it was 35 not too bad. I pondered on the phase, "I know I'm a runner when I see three shadows running and it doesn't make my heart skip a beat", "I know I'm a runner when you're not around people assume you are out running'' and my all time favorite. "I know I'm a runner when I sneak in a run at the end of a day because I know the next day I'm resting or taking it very slow.

I did finally get a night run in today. I just could not let such a beautiful day go by without enjoying almost sixty degree weather. It is winter, tomorrow there could be snow :)

PS. Looks like I'm making some headway with my blog. I was playing around again and discovered some new things I could do. It takes a while for me to pick up on something but eventually I get it.

January 20, 2006
6.10 miles AM
4.87 miles PM

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It is fun to be able to tinker on with blogs!