Sunday, January 22, 2006

Boston Build up 15K

1:26:20/2003, 1:33:30/2004, 2005 No Race, 1:28:23/2006

I think doing 13.75 miles yesterday really took a toll on me, even though it was at a turtle pace. I got to race only 15 mins. before it started had to get my bib, and use the porter potty, the school was not open. I did not get a chance to warm up, which was a real bummer, as soon as I used the porter pot I had to sprint over to the start, the director was really nice he saw us going into the porter pot and ask us how much time we needed :)

This is a very challenging course, here is a link to the map of the course. Believe me when I tell you this is not the course to decide to do a double loop 19 miler to get your long run in for the week.

The conditions for the race was the better than the last few years. I don't remember a dirt road for the second 5k of the race,that was hell but I held on. Today's race had a record high of 266 entrants completing the race. And of course I saw a lot of my Wednesday night crew, asking when I will be back. Again I :started too fast as I was running almost 2 miles with 7:30 milers, or they were going really slow.

After I turned in my bib at the finish, I went to my car and drank some gaterade. I walked around for a bit, then off I went to do the second half of my long run. I use this same course. I was good until about mile 16 I walk for few mins on some of the
toughest hills. Then I want past the turn around point which was ok because I needed 19 miles today. When I got back to mile 1 I stop my timer and reset my run as I was walking the last mile for the most part just so I would be too stiff for Mondays recovery run.

I stop at walmart on my way home because I did not plan to go out again for the rest of the day. But then my mom call me and invited us to dinner how could I refuse my mom.

January 22, 2006
15k race 9.3miles
9.3 miles after race
1.2 miles walk
Total: 19.6miles


susie said...

You are one tough woman! A race and then a long run...
So you are going to do Boston? I was thinking of trying to get the day off to go cheer Jeff. I'll cheer for you, too!! Let me know your plan:)

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

I'm with Susan. Man run a race and then do the distance after. Way to go.

Jank said...

wow, that's a huge weekend. Great job, good inspiration!