Monday, December 26, 2005

The Day After

No one could have paid me enough to get me into a store today. I woke late and watch some trashy talk shows then watch All my Children. Finally this is the time I went out. The rain stopped. I check the weather and it was 41, so why did I still decide to put on a hoody and a jacket. Because of the little wind that bothered me when I first went out the door. Within two miles I had my hoody off and my jacket around my waist.

I'm glad I went out. I had a great run. I ran to the beach, then I followed the mothers day 10k course. I love that there are so many courses in my little Norwalk area that I can decide to run at any time. Most time times the arrows are still there.

December 26, 2005
15.5 miles

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