Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Late, late, late...

Here is to hoping that something will snap in my brains and tell me I'm not as young as I use to be and I need to get more sleep. I'm now thinking that maybe that's not such a good Idea to have something snap in your brain.

I got out this morning at about 6:35am. I wasn't too worried as today was to be a recovery run and the boys are out of school this week. The morning was not bad at all just a little breezy.

I did 6.4 this morning very sluggish, I should'nt have had that one little tiny glass of wine yesterday. I kept going and pushed myself though.

I took one of my gift certificates and bought new running shoes. I did not buy a pair of New Balance 991 that I was raving about in July, it turned out not to be my perfect shoe after all. I don't know if anyone have ever experience running in shoe that were too comfortable believe it or not they were just too comfortable. I spent 115.00 for them and must have used them a few times in training runs and then in a couple of races. When I first got them I thought I would never buy another brand again. I went back to Brooks Ephimy,then when they went,I wanted to buy them again they did not have them in stock so I switched over to Brooks Glycerin3 I love this shoe,now I believe I've found the right pair of running shoe just for me. I bought Brooks Glycerin 4 tonight these are the updated version to 3. I can't wait to try them out in the morning.

I've been looking closely at the wear and tear on my shoes. I've noticed that my right shoe is the one that gets the most worn. The inner heal is the most worn. I know that I tend to pronate. But what I don't understand is why is it only my right inner heal that get the most worn, why not both inner heels.

December 27, 2005

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