Sunday, October 16, 2005

Was it windy!!

This morning I went out at about 8:30(I decide against the 5k) and it wasn't raining, no, today I was fighting the wind but my run went reasonably well. I wasn't doing a very long run today because My Mystic marathon is Sunday the 23rd so I guess you can call this taper week again for me.

After my run Elliott & I went to church. Kelly and his Dad went to the field for his football game. His team was playing at Elliott's school. I don't know how they felt about this, but it was very sentimental to me that Kelly was playing on his older brothers field. Although They lost they did a great job on the field. They went into overtime. Now they are 1-4. (The Raiders)

Elliott had an away game on Friday, Kelly and I were able to get to game on time (Dad was working) when I took Kelly to practice, they finally made a good decision to cancel. This was the first cancellation since the 9 straight days of rain. Elliott team won 19-0 . They are now 3-2
Elliott is playing again Monday night. (The Senators)

October 16, 2005
6.82 miles

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susie said...

Good luck Sunday, Dawn. I have a feeling it will be a good run for you!