Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I can't believe

That I'm actually following a tapering schedule. Boy is it weird and boring. I really have nothing new to report. The weather have change quite nicely the last few days. The last 2 years I did Mystic it was pretty cold. I'm thinking that it might be a tad bit too warm, the race starts at 10:00am . I'm also already putting together what I'm going to wear. I never do this, I always wait the day of the race. I guess when you are tapering you actually have time to think.

Elliott had a great game on Monday. I'm not sure if I told you this but Elliott plays on the Varsity and the Jr. Varsity, this is why he plays two games in one week. We really enjoy going to the JV games as this is when we get to see our son shine. He is a starter on JV. They won 31-6. :)

I'm not doing to great with my sleeping though. When will I learn? I'm not the spring chicken I use to be, the next few days I will make an effort to be in be by the latest 9:30. Since the runs this week are a bit shorter than ususal, I'm sleeping in more. But it really do not make up for going to bed at 12 -1:00 AM. I also think I'm reading to many Blogs.

My eating this week have been ok. Eating a lot of good carbs , protein and staying hydrated. I will really dig in starting on Thursday. I don't think I'm overdoing it more than usual but because I'm not running the extra miles, I kinda feel it a little, maybe its in my mind but I think I will refraining from weighing myself until after the marathon.

October 17, 2005 Monday

October 18, 2005 Tuesday
5 miles

October 19, 2005 Wednesday
4 Miles

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Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Good luck with your race. Ahhh yes on reading too many many blogs, so little time.