Tuesday, August 02, 2005

What a day.

Just glued to my desk all day...rush home to get to the footfall field for my son's practice. I was able to throw a few of my running magazine in the car. Finally got a change to read my Running Times(9/05 also online) . After 100 time of picking it up and falling a sleep with it. I truly enjoy getting a new running magazine I'm always anxiously hoping I will discover something new that will put me over the top :). Only kidding of course.

What really captured my attention in this issue was Candace Karu column "The running Life: Running lesson. It describe my life perfectly as a running mom and how we plan our runs as not to interfere too much with family time. I get up early when all are still sleeping. Timing races on the weekend so you can get back home to have breakfast together. The dream of running with your children, your husband but not wanting to push your passion on them. Let them grow into for themselves.

I know they admire and support me for what I do. I also know of others that just don't get it. They don't understand, You've found something you are passionate about and if it were up to you, you would travel the world to do it, but you are a mother, and wife first, and you also work a full time job, so you capture any moment you can get to live your passion . Running helps me to stay in control. I am a runner for life and I like Candace secretly I hope that someday my children, my husband and everyone around me will find there secret to life. Here is to Life Passions.

August 2nd still recovering from Sunday
4.5 miles

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