Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Stop the madness

I going thru some kind of chaos. There is just not enough time in the day. My promise I made to myself to go to bed no later than eleven is not working out too well. Lets see, Monday 11:37 not too bad, Tuesday 12:06. On my way home from my son practice I begged him to remind me to go to bed if I'm still up by 11:00pm. Come to think of it they are back to school in less than two weeks so they should be adjusting themselves back to their school schedules. I usually do this at least two weeks in advance but I see I'm even behind with this.

I'm still only logging the miles and not as much as I would like . I'm not getting to the gym which really bothers me. I'm thinking that I may have to join the Y in the town I work just to get my weights in on lunch. The problem is for one membership its the same as a family membership in the town I live. And you can't get any kind of deals because you belong to one Y. Which I just don't understand. I can also try to drive to my Y on lunch, but with gas prices these days at almost $3.00 a gallon, it might just be worth joining the Y after all.

I heard some good news tonight when school starts Kelly will only have practice 3 nights a week and Wednesday is not one of them. So I can at least get back to track workouts on Wednesday nights. This is if my son Elliott isn't practicing I almost forgot high school football. They have a pretty crazy schedule also. Well on to what I've been up to.

August 24, 2005
8.5 miles

August 23, 2005
8.0 miles

August 22, 2005
8.o miles AM
30 mins pm circuit at Gym. I went into a panic mode when I came to the realization that I haven't been to they gym in almost 2 weeks.

August 21, 2005
15 miles of of the 18 I plan. It was humid and hot and
the 11 miles race I ran on Saturday did not help matters.

I am still feeling good

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Susan said...

Sounds like you've been going through a really busy time, but you are definitely getting in those miles! It's tough with all the sports practices. Just wait till the kids start driving:)