Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hola :)

My day started early like any other day. This morning I took Elliott to football practice. We got there at 6:45, practice starts at 7:00am. No one was there, so I warmed up around the track for a mile, I did not want to leave Elliott alone. A Few guys came at about 7:00. My husband tells me if the coach say practice is at 7:00 he wants the team to be there at 6:30. I tell you we sure could have use those extra z's this morning.

I finished my morning with an additional 5 miles. I was trying to trace the 7 miler course I did a few weeks ago but some how I cut it short by making a wrong turn. I was only going to do 6 today anyway so I called it quits when I ended back to the starting point.

After my run, and I know I shouldn't do this, I went to the grocery store sweat and all. Just wanted to get it done. Saturday came and went just like that. My husband was with Kelly at his Pop Warner scrimmage in a town 45mins away from us. Elliott had a triple practice on Saturday so I had to stick around. My day did not go un eventful. I was trying to get the last of the dreaded back to school shopping done all day Saturday.

When we finally met up in the evening we went to our annual back to school dinner. This is when we establish guidelines for the school year about homework, projects and bedtimes, etc,etc.... We had a wonderful dinner.

Well I'm home now from Church and Elliott just got back from football practice. He needs to try on some of the cloths I bought on Saturday to see if I have to take them back today. I have to take 4 pants back for Kelly thus for.

August 28,2005
6 miles AM

August 27, 2005
18 miles AM

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