Monday, August 29, 2005

Do you ever wonder

Every now and then, I see someone running that normally walks, and I often wonder, did I motivate this person to try running? Because they see me running almost every day, sometimes twice a day. By all means I'm not the fastest, and I may never see that 7:30 pace I've been striving for since I began, in fact I've gotten slower but there is something within that keeps telling me never give up. But one thing you can count on from me is consistency and the love of running. Running from within is a wonderful gift and if I can give this gift in a box I would box it up and send it all over the world. (free :)

August 29th Monday 05

8 miles AM


Susan said...

You do put in the's a good thing you enjoy it!

David said...

A few breaks every now and then will help you get faster over time. Most important for time improvement, I have found, is interval/speed work on a track. It proved itself in New Haven.