Sunday, July 31, 2005


Yes, that's me, this weekend was me, me, me. On Saturday I ran a very hilly 8 miler. The 37th annual New Milford 8 miler and I did it as a training run, because oh boy, I needed the hills. And Hills I got, this is the hilliest course I've ever been on. This course was worse that the 1st annual Danbury Half I did a couple of months ago. Believe it or not this was the first time I ran this race and I 'm sure I will do it next year just to see if I could beat my time, of 1:15!.

There was a nice festival going on also. I enjoyed fried dough with powered sugar, a very unusual treat for me. I bought a nice new thumb ring, sterling silver with hearts I love it.

On Sunday, I woke at 4:50 and was in my car by 5:15. I drove 2.5 hours to the Catskills, for an 18.6 (30K) miles Trail run call the Escarpment Trail( . I have never done such a thing. In my mind I needed a challenge and boy did I get one. There were some strict qualifying rules and I barely made it in. My Mystic Places Marathon got me in on this one. You had to have completed the a marathon in 4:15hrs within a year of the race. My time was 4:13/4:12net.

I was a last minute registrant, I email the director and told him I ran 4 marathon last year. He email me back and said "dear this is nothing like any road race you have ever run" so true, so true. I finish in 6:28 a whole hour more than I thought I would. This was truly an amazing experience. Since I did not make it within 6 hours I have to qualify all over again. I hope I do because I want to go back next year....:)

Sunday AM
18.6 miles Escarpment Trail

Saturday AM
8 Miler race

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