Friday, July 29, 2005


TGIF, I need it. I know I will be back to work before I know it, but I'm going to bask in the moment for now. Not much to say today....Enjoy the week end.

Thursday AM
8.5 miles
maybe I do have something to say, Thursday morning on my run I was surprise to see a few of the regular weekend racers out there. Normally I don't see them. Some of them live in my town and close by and I always wonder why I haven't bump into them during the week. Its really weird.

Friday AM

Went to the gym only to wish one of the regulars happy retirement. I was pretty exhausted and just wanted to relax and get to work for once without rushing. When I got to the gym there was nothing really going on and the person didn't show.

My day at work was busy!!! I didn't get to eat I know that's not good. We are having pizza for dinner tonight. Oh oh!!

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