Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Nice Morning

Nothing much to report today. I got out the door at about 5:4o that is a little better than usual. I did about 10 miles. Change the course and ran by the beach. I am currently studying for a six hour exam that I have to take at a testing site. I listened to a talking had a talking tape on my run this morning. All in all I did keep my heart between 75 to 80% of my MHR, which I was proud of. I did not go on vacation because of this test. The children are out of school this week, I feel guilty but I told them I would make it up to them. I can wait to get it over with (the test), then I could get back to putting in a few miles in the evening also. I feel its important to run in different temperatures, especially for those summer races. Wednesday is speed work for me.

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