Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Speed work day

On Wednesdays I do speed work at the local high school. I began this right after the Fairfield Half last year. I met one of CT top runners on the bus going over to the race. She invited me to the Wednesday night workouts. I was thrill when she invited me and I've been going ever since. So its been about a year. I'm sticking to it because I was told by one of the faster runner "never give up no matter what". We usually start with a 3 mile warm up thru the park. Then 3 miles on the track. Today we did 2X800, 4X400 and 2X800 it was a grueling work out but I got it done. I would like to think that someday this will help me and I am trying not to get too discourage.

I stop running in the morning on speed work nights. When I first started I was running 6-10 miles in the morning then try to to speed work that night. This took too much away from
me. So now I do 1hr of spinning in the morning.

For the first time in 4 months spin class felt great. I think it had to do with the new bikes the Y added.

that's all for today :)

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