Saturday, July 15, 2017

Wow, 6 months since my last post, time just slips away with the  blink of an eye.  I am starting to feel myself again. Trying to lose the weight gained during my lost self, lol. Very difficult this time around but slowly I'm starting to see some changes.

My running is also starting to feel good again although I've never stopped through the difficult times, I kept moving forward.

Today I did the Lightfoot Running Club, Norwalk 7 miler. This may be my 14th year doing this race. Had my peaks, lows, and now rebound years. I love running in this area of Norwalk.  Although 99% humidity I felt strong.  My lowest point during the race was mile 6, this was my slowest mile.
I believe the best part about this race today was the familiarity and the love of running in this area. Each year I vow to do new races and new towns but there are races you can't  can give up because you've done them for so many years you feel such a commitment to be there each and every year. I hope I'm back before another 6 months pass.

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