Sunday, January 22, 2017

Boston Buildup 15k

I did my morning run on Friday with dismay and lots of walking.  I wasn't feeling it at all but I completed 6.5 miles. I had been running none stop since the 10k last Sunday, all on the treadmill. I was very concerned that maybe I was doing too much treadmill running.  Saturday a beautiful nonseasonal day I went out for a few miles maximum 5 miles, this turned into 9.84 miles. Today I arrived at the race a little apprehensive, I had no idea how I was going to do. This course is very hilly and although the weather was better than expected part of the course is a horse trail and very muddy from rain the night before. I wondered how I had ever done this in the past and did well, but I  finished no worst than I've done the last few years and I'm ok with that.
by Tony Trujillo

by Tom Renner

by Tom Renner

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Thomas Bussiere said...

Great job. I can't run 6 miles yet, but will soon.