Sunday, January 15, 2017

The 39th Annual Boston Buildup Winter Series 2017 10k

My first race of 2017 this morning at 10:00am  and I am still feeling awesome.  It felt so good being out and in a race. I haven't raced since my Thanksgiving day 10k. I just could not get myself out to do any at all in December. I cared nothing about my pace, I just wanted to run.  The course is the same course that I've run for the last 13 years but today it felt different.  I usually don't remember a course until I run them again but today I felt part of the course changed. I was told  the  course did not change and I am only noticing it now because I am running much more leisurely now, lol. Today none of that mattered and I felt great after the race with lots of energy.

What  a wonderful day after the prior nights  snow and rain. We still had to use some caution on the roads although it  may have seemed I was the only one taking this caution thing into consideration!. I run with some really fast people.

The 10k course starts out fairly flat for the first 2.5 miles,  it is the middle miles that gets you every time then the last hill about 1 mile to the end. 

The miles that I have put in so for in 2017 are mostly treadmill runs and not many at that which is very unusual for me.  I am having a very slow start this year.   

The best part of your 1st race of the year is when you see people you haven't seen in a long time.

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Thomas Bussiere said...

Slow start, but you are doing it. Congrats.