Saturday, January 07, 2017

Old Post Shared on FB

I came across an old post I posted on FB in 2012, this is what got back here today.  I really do hope to come back here more often. Life is still very busy for me as usual.  My miles have drastically dropped from what it use to be.  I'm am still racing a lot and I don't believe that will change no matter how much slower I am now.   I struggled through the 2016 challenged and made it! I am going for the 2017 challenged this year, this is really to keep me focus and keep going.

This week was an unusually rough start of the New Year for me.  Did not get much done in regards to my working out .  I will have my first race of 2017 tomorrow, the weather is not looking great.  I will be sharing my race experiences again.  Wishing all of you a happy healthy new year!

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