Saturday, June 29, 2013

I have been feeling pretty burn out lately although the year started off on the right track. Last week I did the the Farfield Half and that really did it in for me.  I finally decided that I had to take  a break, I just can't keep going like this, so two little weeks, how bad could it be . The good- I decided I must,  The Bad- I had just started my 20 week training program for NYC. I did not run at all on Monday, Tuesday I just could not miss the XC 3 miler predicted time race so I did it anyway.  Wednesday I did not run, I was held up at work so I miss my Wednesday night group. Thursday no running only Zumba, and Friday I wanted to jog to the gym 1.5miles do some weight training and jog back home. That didn't work, I ran 7 miles and felt ok  at 12 min pace. Today I did the Norwalk Summer Series 5 miler of course I couldn't miss it. I didn't know what to expect but it went surprisingly better than I thought and managed to pull of 9:15 pace.  I still have a week to go of this rest. Hoping to do better than I did last week but it looks like I still have the same schedule :(.      

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