Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Last Run of 2011

Today I did my last run of 2011, a leisurely run that started off with a friend. “What a great morning” we both commented, very mild winter so for, it would be nice if it stays this way the rest of the winter. I am happy I have not been on the treadmill much this year.

I ended the year with a 20 miler, on a great day like today I just could not help myself. Long and slow, (very slow) but I’m glad I did it. Looking at my side bar you will see that I stop logging my miles the end of July,1705 miles I am sure the rest of the year I did just as much or more. I had a great year of running and racing, pretty sure I ended the year with at least 65-67 races, there were a few results that never posted. But I’m ok with this because whatever races I do it is always for a good cause and the cause is more important to me than the results.

Goodbye to you 2011, I had a good year of running and racing, no new PR’s to brag about but you have given me a great start for 2012

Happy New Year!!!


Thomas said...

What a great way to finish 2011! Happy New Year, Dawn!

Just_because_today said...

WOW, Dawn! I didnt know you were running that much!!! Good for you! that is some impressive mileage.
Maybe I'll see you in March?

Reese said...

What an outstanding year of running. I like that you really don't care about time, just that you supported good causes.
A Very Happy New Year to you and your lovely family !

Black Knight said...

i could not imagine you had run all those races and such mileage. You are a running machine, congrats!
20 miler, is a marathon on the corner?
Happy new year to you and family. Best wishes!!!!!