Sunday, December 26, 2010

Never Judge a Book by its' Cover

“Irving, you bought me sneakers? Yes, they are cute, “but I don’t buy sneakers because of looks, I buy them for a purpose, running.” Who says you have to run in these, they look better than all the ones you have. I left it at that…they were white and pink, he nailed the size, how could he miss that one, I have a million pairs sitting around the house. Pink and white, so he wants me to be girly, I guess, New Balance not bad, I think this was one I tried on when I was buying the other two a few weeks ago and decided against them because they were $5.00 more than the ones I bought. And I was not sure if they were for a over pronator such as myself. I tried them on they felt good, better than I had remember, room in the front yet hugged my feet. I was thinking about them all night and this morning when I woke up I wanted to run in them. So my day after Christmas run was in my new pink and white New Balance 415, 5 miles turned into 10.37 miles, I had a great run. The shoe was light, plenty of toe room and very comfortable. I think I have learned something today, never judge a book by its cover or maybe, most importantly that I am not an over pronator I am a neutral runner. I settled on the Brooks Adrenaline GTS since about 2006, but the last few weeks I learned that I have options and my go to shoe (GTS) is no longer Brooks Adrenaline!!


Black Knight said...

I agree, never judge before. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas day.
Welcome back!

Dubs said...

AWESOME! Sounds like he knows you better than you think. Looks like you had a nice Christmas! :)