Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Forward to 2011

I know that I haven't talked about my running in ages; I have logged a mile in my running log since August. I really did not have any thing positive to say about my running. I am just now starting to feel good about it again. I did not run a single marathon because I thought they were the culprit of my passion but I kept racing every weekend and each race I did came more disappointments but I kept at it. I push through my weight loss plataue and the pounds and inches are starting to come off slowly. I am doing more cross training with Zumba and Spinning once or twice a week, haven't been to either the last two weeks because of holiday obligations. I am pretty sure I did about 45-47 races for the 2010 not only did I cut out the marathons I cut back on the races as well.
My first real winter run this morning was very slow and cautious; I was running much of the time in the street. I am trying to decide if I should run a New Years Day race, he one that I normally do, no longer exist :(. Well I hope to be back to my blogging on a regular basis. I am wishing everyone a Happy Healthy New Year and may all your PR’s dreams come through in 2011 Happy Running to all and to all a great 2011.

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Thomas Bussiere said...

Your doing the right thing. Take some time off and focus on other things in your life that need attention. Don't worry about the running because before you know it, that bug will bite you, and you will be pounding the pavement with a smile on your face thinking how good it feels to hear your own heart beating in the red zone.

I've done this the past two months, but like gravity, I'm getting that passion back to push my limits again.