Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I finally decided to join face book. I am in a totally new world with very familiar people. Right now my only friends are my running community friends of which I am grateful. I hope that will change soon, for now I am having fun just getting to know the ups and downs. This is a wonderful way to network and keep in touch no matter where you are and sharing of photos, wow, I am amaze.

As for the training, I think I need to start next week because I am not getting the runs in.

Happy running.


Black Knight said...

Nice decision, you will share a lot of news and pics. I decided not to join FB because I don't have the time to follow it.


Hi Dawn, I also just started to mentally adjust into marathon training mode. Officially my first long run was at the 15k Boiler Maker up in Utica NY on July 11th. I have an entry in the NYC Marathon this year.I go forward with trepidation, I fear getting injured,(I spent too much time injured last year) I have been doing so well lately,so I keep telling myself to go easy. About facebook I joined facebook after some thought and it has been a really nice, connecting with running friends and non running friends in real time from all over the country.

Just_because_today said...

facebook can be fun.