Sunday, May 10, 2009

32nd Norwalk Mothers Day 10K race We had record turn out for todays' race. I volunteered pre-race and helped with registration. We had a huge turn out way more than anticipated. I felt like I had already ran the race after registration ended.

My first Mothers' Day 10k was in 2002 and I haven't missed one since. My 10k pr was on this course in 2003. This is one of the fastest 10k course you would want to run. I love this race because we start early and I finish with time to dash home (5 mins) and get ready for church. I wish they were all like that then I wouldn't feel so guilty all the time for missing church.

Although very windy the race itself went well. I did not have my watch because I forgot it. Today I ran without my watch and My IPod and you know something I was ok.

from the map you can see we start at the beautiful water front of Calf Pasture Beach and headed downtown Norwalk through historic South Norwalk and back uptown Norwalk. Mile 3.5 to 4 is where we hit the slightest of hill the only one in the race. Once you're over that you are home free it was back to the beach , very flat.

This will probably will be the only race that I do better in this year than last . Last year I was making up for lost time because the race started before I got out of the bath room. I didn't do much better. My time have ranged from 51:30 to 58: today official time 57:43

The main thing is that I felt good out there and the race was better than the last 10k I did only two weeks ago.


Mark said...

This race sounds like a good one. With helping out at registration then racing you did unbelievably well! Glad you made it to church!

rundangerously said...

congrats dawn!

except for that wind, sounds like it was an awesome day to run!! i love calf pasture beach races :D

i missed you guys at the 10k - but, ironically, made my way to norwalk that afternoon!!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That's awesome! Glad to hear that you did better in this race.

Mir said...

That's so cool that you volunteer AND run this race, and even make it to church! Glad to see you're making improvements. Keep it up!

Just_because_today said...

I've done it twice. I love it, this year I wanted to go to help out but couldn't get it going and because I am still not running, racing was out of the question.
Will I run again Dawn? oh, I forget, this is your post, not mine!

bill carter said...

Hi Dawn

Congrats on what sounds like an all around great day.

Faster than last year is always a great thing.

Michelle said...

Hi Dawn,
Girl please do not be so hard on yourself!!

You did splendidly!!! I wish we could go on a run together someday soon!!!!

SMILE!! Your a great lady!!

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CTmarathoner said...

Dawn --nice race..and thanks so much for helping with registration! have never seen so many day-of runners. Glad you had a better race than last year--i have not run this course since 2006? as I help out with a kids' bike ride in Greenwich but this year decided to come out and run before the Ride, despite the 50K trail run the day is one of my favorite courses also. Alittle windy on sunday but at least the sun was out. It was just luck to win my age group..but always nice for a mom.
May see you in Rowayton!