Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I really should be in bed. I barely got in from the grocery store. I did not go this weekend, couldn't let another day go by . I did the Mothers days 10k on Sunday, Frank did a nice write up on the the race with pictures. He got a picture of me helping out, not only is the weight obvious but I was very bloated that day. I will not obsess about it on this post I will save it for another. Any way its way too late :).
I helped the morning of the race, then I was told if I need to use the bath to do it now because the line is long, got in line to use the bathroom the last time I checked my watch before entering the bath room it was 7:59 (race starts at 8:00) when I finally finish and came back out the race had already started. This is not the first time this happen to me I decided to have fun, there will be another one down the road for sure.

I did five miles on the treadmill on Monday, felt really good. Today no AM but I managed to push myself out the door at about 7:41pm got in 6.22 miles and I felt really good out there.

Good night


Thomas said...

Since you're still obsessing about your weight, I have to ask.

Have you gone off the sugar yet?

Neese said...

girl you don't look bloated you look gorgeous, it was nice for me to see another photo of you than what you have posted in your profile. So did you run the race? I see 3 Dawns in the results

Dusty said...

I've come really close to missing a race start from the potty line. it is crazy!

I agree with Neese, I don't think you look bad, but I know how tiny things are obvious to our own critical eye. Get some sleep!

How did you do.. by YOUR watch, or chip time - not the clock that started before you did. :)